Honeywell Transportation Systems

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Global Presence

With a worldwide footprint of engineering centers, testing lab and manufacturing facilities (click here for a complete list) and a global approach to customer support and supply chain management, Honeywell Transportation Systems truly is a turbo partner that combines advantages of global scale with the responsiveness of a local player, serving all major automotive companies in the world.

Global Engineering
Honeywell Transportation Systems’ engineering centers and network of testing labs span the globe and are home to a globally-connected network of highly skilled engineers who each year log in hundreds of thousands of hours on developing and launching new turbo innovations. Our engineers work in critical areas of turbo development, including kinematics, wheel design and aerodynamics, shafts and bearings, materials and structures, and performance and systems. Many hold PHDs in their specialist fields, pushing the boundaries of turbo performance for passenger cars and for on-and-off highway commercial vehicles.

Honeywell’s ability to envision and design turbo technologies for next-generation powertrains is rooted in the fusion of human intellect and highly sophisticated computer simulation and modelling. The result is engineering support that designs the future, that harnesses the power of the best turbo brains in the world, and which creates enduring competitive advantage automakers.

Serving Global Customers
As our customers go global, Honeywell has taken notice. Since 2009, Honeywell has been adopting a global account model that streamlines interaction at top levels while ensuring customer intimacy at a local level. For matters of importance, there’s a clear and direct line of communication between our customers from any region in the world to a dedicated Honeywell director, who takes full ownership of key issues and ensures quick decision making.

At a regional level, this customer-management structure consists of a cohesive team of program managers, application engineers and sales professionals, who are able to tap into the global team for support while providing tailored and responsive support to their local customers.

The result is faster decision making, consistency in service, customer intimacy and expansion of best-practices at a global level.

Global Sourcing
Honeywell has also developed a cross-region supplier network that mirrors its own global footprint and adds competitive edge to serving its increasingly global customer base.

This means that in every region, our customers can be rest assured that each supplier has been qualified through Honeywell’s rigorous assessment standards and measured against globally-established performance and quality metrics.

At Honeywell, we take a long-term view – nurturing strategic relationship with trusted suppliers while developing new suppliers where they add value and complement our capabilities. To shorten time to market, we are also moving into more co-development and co-design for new platforms, reaping value through a more integrated supply chain.

Global Manufacturing
Our global footprint plays a key role in allowing us to accomplish our mission of being a supplier of choice for our global automotive customers – no matter which part of the world they choose to do business in. The company maintains a network of manufacturing plants in 12 countries strategically located in Asia, Europe, and Americas, each of them benefiting from advanced manufacturing engineering and global knowledge transfer while providing flexibility and timely delivery that local customers require.

Since the inception of our business, we have been known for our success in bringing turbocharging to new marketplaces by working with our regional customers to unleash the full potential of the technology. Our continuous and significant investment in innovation, talent, new processes and facilities is a testament to our belief in turbocharging as a true technology for the world.


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