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Formula SAE and Formula Student Sponsorship

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What Honeywell Sponsorship Offers
Honeywell’s Formula SAE sponsorship is available to colleges and universities that compete in any of the Formula SAE events while supplies last. Teams sponsored by Honeywell Transportation Systems will receive:

Formula SAE Sponsorship MGT12

  • Either one MGT12 turbocharger (12.3 pounds, as supplied) or one GT06 turbocharger (9.8 pounds, as supplied).


In order to help you make your decision on which turbocharger is right for your team, we will send you the drawings and performance maps for both turbochargers via email. Once you have made your decision, you will receive the appropriate turbocharger as well as the following:

    • A Honeywell contact who can answer technical questions about the turbochargers.
    • “Turbo Honeywell Garrett” decals to use on your Formula SAE car
    • Our corporate logo for your Web site sponsor list

3D models are also available upon request.

Technical Specifications
The MGT12 turbocharger has a variable wastegate (turbine bypass) controlled by a pneumatic actuator as well as an integrated compressor bypass valve. The compressor bypass valve supplied can be either electronic or pneumatic. A v-band clamp for the turbine outlet will be provided while supplies last.

The GT06 turbocharger has a variable wastegate (turbine bypass) controlled by a pneumatic actuator. The turbine inlet is designed for a specific two cylinder engine. Teams may elect to modify the housing to have a single inlet.

* International Teams Please Note: Please include a contact phone number to provide our shipping department. Also, due to different laws in different countries, we may be unable to pay tax and duties, or may be restricted from making shipments to your country altogether. While Honeywell does pay for shipping, you may be required by your local government to pay some additional tax or duties, or you may have to arrange for alternative shipment processes.

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