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Pushing the Frontiers in Turbocharging, Electric Boosting and Software: Honeywell at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

Honeywell has been a leading manufacturer of turbocharging systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles since the technology was first adopted in the automotive industry in 1950s. The innovative spirit today lives on, responsible for effective solutions that extend beyond turbocharging to areas such as electric boosting and software.

turbo Honeywell turbo engineers have been responsible for many industry “firsts” over the decades. From Variable Nozzle Turbine (VNT™) technology to the latest generation gasoline turbos, from VNT™ DutyDrive to TwoStage turbo systems, and from the industry-first DualBoost turbo to ball bearing technology, Honeywell’s commitment to innovation is redefining the concept of product development through process integration and responsive customer interaction. Today, Honeywell turbochargers offer the very latest in boosting technologies to help improve the vehicle performance and driveability while contributing to better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Electric Boosting:
As carmakers continue their relentless effort in extracting more from their latest-generation engines, they are increasingly focusing their attention on electrification technologies.

Enter Honeywell Transportation Systems, the renowned turbo expert who is busy collaborating with OEMs on a range of electric boosting solutions through active simulation and prototyping. Its Aerospace connection provides in-depth knowledge in the electrification field.

Following the successful introduction of racing applications that are behind many podium wins, new engines launches containing Honeywell’s proprietary electric boosting solutions can come as early as 2016. With dedicated resources in engineering and customer support, Honeywell offers electric boosting solutions including e-chargers, e-turbos and other advanced devices, covering both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

software-graphicHoneywell enjoys decades-worth of experience gained from applying advanced control methodology to a wide range of industries. OnRAMP, a powerful advanced control solution for engineering teams and their production programs, captures this expertise in an easy-to-use desktop software that guides the user through the process of control design, resulting in the deployment of ECU ready run-time components.

The toolset can be applied to a number of applications, including diesel and gasoline engine airpath control and virtual sensing, diesel after-treatment control, waste heat recovery systems, advanced engine thermal systems, predictive cruise control and cycle optimization.

OEMs have stated that OnRAMP’s systematic methodology aids the management of complexity in their advanced powertrain control applications. This has helped deliver high-level results on reduced engine development time and costs, improved fuel economy, reduced Urea / Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF) / Adblue™ consumption and improved vehicle performance.

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