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New Boosting Innovations to Meet New Challenges: Honeywell at the 20th Supercharging Conference 2015

The annual Supercharging Conference in Dresden is a key industry event where the automotive engineering community gathers to survey the latest trends and innovations. Peter Davies, Director of Powertrain at Honeywell Turbo Technologies, shares what innovations Honeywell is presenting and displaying at this year’s event.

road-skyAs a turbo industry leader, what does Honeywell see in terms of key drivers and trends regarding turbocharging?
Diesel engines have been effectively 100% boosted for many years. We are now seeing that boosting direct injection is the accepted path forward for many gasoline engines.

Attention has shifted to the advent of Real Driving Emission (2017) and CO2 reduction (2020). The industry is calling for better efficiency, faster transients and system solutions.

Engine boosting systems such as TwoStage and combinations of electrical boosting and conventional turbocharger have to interact with engine and after-treatment systems alike so system control is also in demand.

twostage-2015What is Honeywell presenting and displaying this year at this industry event?
We have prepared a broad range of new and exciting technology to present to the turbocharging engineering community. Three highlights are the Gen 3 Gasoline Wastegate Turbo, the state-of-the-art VNT/VNT TwoStage system – which is a world first in this system class and features the very latest in VNT Technology, and the first showing of a Honeywell e-Charger. We are also presenting a paper celebrating the 25th Anniversary of VNT in Passenger Car applications which not only looks at the history of VNT but also provides insight into future developments and applications of this great technology.

Beyond the new innovations, what other factors make Honeywell an ideal partner for OEMs?
Honeywell has a reputation for innovation: by anticipating industry trends, we develop the right solutions that delight our customers and end-users alike. Honeywell’s strong engineering capability extends to all vehicle segments: Passenger Vehicles in diesel and gasoline and Commercial Vehicles in both on- and off-highway. Our overall engineering strength is further enhanced by our global footprint and our first-class operation and processes in manufacturing, Supply Chain and Quality.

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