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Honeywell at 2016 Detroit Auto Show: Continued Turbo Growth in Americas Coming from Both Diesel and Gas Engines

Global Turbo Growth Supported by
US Market
The U.S. is a market which is helping drive global turbo penetration from nearly a third of vehicles produced today to expectations of almost a half by 2020. This is because downsized turbocharged engines are a great enabler for auto makers to achieve fuel economy and environmental goals without sacrificing the performance consumers love. Honeywell is supporting these efforts globally in gasoline, diesel and hybrid powertrains.

Honeywell Transportation Systems provides its turbocharging technology to nearly every major auto maker in the world, and there were plenty on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in early January. With the introduction of several new applications from a variety of manufacturers, there will be about 80 different models with Honeywell turbos available for sale in the United States in 2016.

Gas Turbo Technologies Key to Developing US MarketThe United States will experience continued turbo growth into the foreseeable future. While Honeywell expects sales of diesel vehicles in the U.S. to double by 2020, the biggest volume gains will be with gasoline applications. Honeywell will use its aerospace heritage and automotive leadership position to continue its reputation as an innovation leader.

While in the midst of this Golden Age of Turbos, Honeywell is already looking forward to what is next. Honeywell Aerospace and Transportation Systems are uniquely positioned to address the growing needs to linking mechanical with electrical systems and developing the software to support its integration.

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