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Honeywell Turbo Technologies Wins 2012 Automotive News Pace™ Award for New Fuel-efficient Technology

Honeywell Innovation Driving Next Generation of Engine Enhancing Turbochargers

DETROIT, April 24, 2012 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Turbo Technologies, the leading global developer of automotive turbochargers, received the 2012 Automotive News PACE™ Award for its High Temperature, Ball Bearing (HTBB) VNT™ Turbo. 

The award recognizes Honeywell’s success in providing an industry first technology package which consumers are looking for as fuel economy and vehicle performance continue to be primary purchase considerations at the dealership.

As the launch customer for this technology, Daimler AG worked closely with Honeywell to apply the HTBB Turbo after deciding in 2006 to re-engineer its 3.0L V6 diesel engine to meet future emissions standards in the U.S. and Europe. Debuting on the Mercedes-Benz E350 and R350 models, the new engine improved power and torque by 18 percent and 22 percent, respectively, while fuel economy improved by up to 21 percent with the HTBB technology from the previous engine. The engine/turbo was subsequently introduced in its S-Class sedan and will eventually roll out across its full product line.

“We are honored to be recognized for our continued excellence in innovation with this prestigious award,” said Alex Ismail, president and CEO of Honeywell Transportation Systems. “Turbocharging continues to be the leading technology of choice for automakers developing environmentally-friendly vehicles by downsizing engines and still meeting consumers’ needs and preferences. Typically, a turbocharged engine can improve fuel economy from 20 percent to 40 percent in gasoline and diesel engines respectively from the larger naturally-aspirated engines they replace.”

Turbocharging penetration continues to grow rapidly around the world. As the global auto industry is expected to grow 20 percent from 2012 to 2016, global turbo penetration is expected to grow from 30 percent to 36 percent by 2016, driving volume by more than 50 percent. In the United States, this reflects growth from about 10 percent penetration today to roughly 25 percent by 2016.

This HTBB turbocharger combines two passenger-car firsts: a high-temperature variable geometry turbo and a state-of-the-art ball bearing system that deliver exceptional performance from a single-turbocharger. Honeywell engineers rose to the challenge by extending their materials, design and coatings capabilities delivering increased peak power. The ball bearing technology makes engine start spontaneous irrespective of weather conditions or geographical location, improves vehicle acceleration for passing maneuvers and reduces fuel consumption by up to 2 percent in the relevant emission cycles.

In addition to existing applications with Daimler AG, several other automakers are now considering the adoption of the technology. It is anticipated that additional 3.0L engines will begin to deploy the technology in the next two years. The next wave of adoption will be in 2.0L four-cylinder engines, where several customers already have ongoing programs.

Presented by Automotive News with Ernst & Young and the Transportation Research Center Inc., the PACE Awards honor superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance among automotive suppliers. Known around the world as the industry symbol of innovation, PACE stands for Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence. Winners were selected by an independent panel of judges and were announced in Detroit on April 23, 2012. 

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Honeywell Turbo Technologies is the leading automotive turbocharger developer in the world, supplying technology solutions to nearly every major automaker in the world. The Turbo Technologies business is part of Honeywell Transportation Systems, which enhances vehicle performance, efficiency and appearance through state-of-the-art technologies, world-class brands, and global solutions tailored for its automotive customers around the world. 

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