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The Honeywell Turbo Solutions

Turbocharging has come a long way since the introduction of wastegate in 1977 and the breakthrough VNT™ (first introduced by Honeywell) that heralded the massive performance improvements witnessed in millions of passenger cars and trucks since the 1990s.

Since the very beginning, Honeywell Transportation Systems has benefited from synergies with Honeywell Aerospace division in the areas of aerodynamics, rotordynamics, materials science, lab and testing, as well as electrification. Collaborations in these areas are helping push the envelope of turbo performance – offering automotive manufacturers a competitive advantage as they pursue the goals of ultra low emissions, fuel efficiency and consumer appeal.

The company possesses the best R&D turbo resources, the widest product portfolio of any turbo supplier and an engineering network that stretches from US to China, France and Czech Republic. All this is complemented by turbo manufacturing facilities in China, India, Romania, Slovakia, France, Italy, Korea, Japan, Australia, Brazil and Mexico – providing customers with product quality, reliability and scalability.

Boosting Innovation
Building on its rich heritage of innovation, Honeywell offers the widest product portfolio of any turbo company and works closely with all the world’s major automotive manufacturers in every region.

Below is a list of technologies ranging from Micro Turbo to Extra Large Wastegate Turbo:

Micro TurboMicro Turbo
Honeywell micro turbo technology is ideally matched to the needs of the small car segment in emerging markets, supporting the unique requirements of two and three-cylinder diesel engines and gasoline engines less than 1L by improving driveability and fuel economy.

Honeywell developed the world’s first variable geometry turbine turbo and this technology remains the industry standard. The latest generation VNT delivers benchmark transient response and low-speed efficiency, space and weight savings, reliability and control. It’s a turbo technology perfectly aligned to the needs of the 21st century.

TwoStage turbo systems are tailored to deliver power, torque, fuel consumption and transient response for ultimate engine performance and downsizing. In a serial sequential system, a smaller high pressure turbo works in advance of a much larger turbo, while in a parallel sequential configuration – another Honeywell first – two small turbos work side-by-side. TwoStage turbo systems are also adopted in commercial vehicle segment, delivering the high pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation so critical in reducing NOx.

VNT™ DualBoost™ VNT™ DualBoost™
The world’s first single-sequential variable geometry turbo brings together a double-sided compressor wheel and a VNT turbine stage in a combination that creates an automotive landmark by delivering near two-stage performance in a single package. In 2011 this breakthrough technology was the winner of Automotive News Pace Award, a prestigious automotive industry award recognizing excellence in design and innovation.

VNT™ DutyDrive™ VNT™ DutyDrive™
VNT DutyDrive turbo features variable nozzle design that offers optimized performance across a wide range of engine speeds and loads. It also comes with a Honeywell patented pressure balance system that channels exhaust gas to both sides of the turbine vanes, equalizing pressure and reducing friction and wear, while at the same time enhancing controllability. Leading the turbo revolution in the medium and heavy-duty sector, this world-first turbo technology is on a rapid growth curve because of its ability to help drive high pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), enhance fuel efficiency and offer engine braking capability.

For gasoline applications, Honeywell has introduced the second generation gasoline turbos with optimized aerodynamic designs and high-temperature capability, permitting size, weight and CO2 savings for latest generation gasoline engines. For light-duty diesel vehicles, the latest generation Honeywell wastegate turbos feature optimized aerodynamic designs, low-friction bearings and a more compact design. For medium and heavy-duty diesel engines, Honeywell wastegate turbos have been redesigned to enhance both fuel efficiency and durability in single and dual stage series applications.

Extra Large Wastegate Extra Large Wastegate 
Honeywell Extra Large Wastegate turbos are fixed geometry, free-floating turbochargers for engines with displacement ranging from 30L to 120L. Optimized aerodynamic design contributes to improve both power output and fuel efficiency. In addition, the use of advanced materials such as titanium compressor wheels increases engine durability and reduces a vehicle’s unscheduled maintenance.

Ball Bearing Technology – Industry FirstBall Bearing Technology – Industry First
Ball bearings, originally a Honeywell Aerospace technology, have lower mechanical losses compared to journal bearings, and are estimated to support fuel efficiency gains of up to 2 percent. It was the multi-year wins at Le Mans that showed the promise of this technology. Later, Honeywell successfully introduced this technology for commercial vehicles (VNT DutyDrive) and light-duty diesel vehicles (VNT DualBoost). Most recently, Honeywell launched the world’s first ball bearing VNT turbo for premium diesel cars, marking the first time that this technology went mainstream in the passenger vehicle segment.



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