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A Greener Future

Fuel efficiency. Emissions. Performance.

Three criteria at the top of the agenda for every automotive manufacturer in the world and three reasons why technology and innovation are more important than ever before.

A Greener FutureAs the world’s largest economies focus on reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), Honeywell – with nearly 50 percent of its product portfolio linked to energy efficiency – is ideally placed to help meet the most pressing challenge of the modern era…to help make our planet a cleaner and better place to live and work.

For the auto industry specifically, our turbocharging innovations are helping car and truck manufacturers to meet ever-more stringent environmental standards without compromising on performance, a winning proposition for OEMs and consumers alike.

Turbocharging is proven not only to help increase fuel efficiency by up to 40 percent* in diesel engines and up to 20 percent* in gasoline powertrains, it is also enabling another global trend to take place…the development of leaner and smaller engines that offer big engine responsiveness.

It’s indeed a technology helping to address key macro-economic and environmental issues. This goes a long way to explaining why global turbocharging penetration is expected to grow from 30 percent in 2012 to 36 percent in 2016, driven by double digit annual growth in North America and China.

As we look ahead, we all share a common understanding of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At Honeywell, we recognize that our continuous investment in technologies reflects our strong commitment to a greener future, enabling us to make a real difference to the world in which we live.

* Compared to non-turbocharged gas engines of equivalent power ratings.


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