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Automotive News Europe: “Audi’s move to e-charger will boost Valeo, Honeywell, other turbo makers”

According to a May 15 article in the Automotive News Europe, Audi will be the first automaker to include an electrically boosted turbocharger in mass production beginning next year. With other auto manufacturers like Ford and Honda showing serious interest, the new trend is expected to benefit turbo makers including Honeywell. The article mentions that Honeywell is expected to have its version of the system on the market between 2017 and 2019.


The Detroit News: “It’s the Golden Age for Turbochargers in Cars”

The days of turbochargers being reserved for European sports models and performance versions of American cars are over, according to an article in the Detroit News. In 2014, turbocharged engines accounted for about 21 percent of cars sold in the US, and the future is even brighter. The article quoted Nitin Kulkarni, Honeywell Transportation Systems vice president of North America, Japan and Korea as saying “We are a no-compromise solution because we can be literally applied to all kinds of vehicle sizes, fuels and engine strategies.”


Automotive News Europe: “Honeywell Sees Hot Turbo Growth Ahead”

In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Terrence Hahn, CEO of Honeywell Transportation Systems, sees big growth opportunities for turbocharging, especially in the U.S. and in China. When asked about the longer-term growth prospects of turbochargers, Terrence Hahn replies that “ by 2019, we foresee 49 million turbocharged new vehicles sold globally each year, representing 43 percent of the market, up from 31 percent in 2013.” Hahn believes that Honeywell’s strength in technology, global footprint and the deployment of the Honeywell Operating System will enable it to stay ahead of the curve.


Clean Diesel Cars among Finalists for “Green Car of the Year®” Award

Green Car Journal has just announced its five finalists for the magazine’s high-profile 2015 Green Car of the Year® program, and among them are two clean diesel cars – the Audi A3 2.0L TDI and VW Golf 2.0L TDI. The other three finalists are BMW i3, Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel and Honda Fit. The Green Car of the Year Award is widely recognized as the auto industry’s most important environment accolade. According to Diesel Technology Forum, since the “Green Car of the Year®”award was created 10 years ago, clean diesels have had 10 finalists and two winners, with the Volkswagen Jetta TDI clean diesel winning in 2009 and the Audi A3 TDI clean diesel winning in 2010. The winner of the 2015 “Green Car of the Year®” award will be announced November 20th at the LA Auto Show. You can read the press release here.


Auto Blog: “Electric turbos promise big performance and efficiency gains in the near future.”

According to Auto Blog, Audi recently showcased electric turbo-equipped RS5 and A6 prototypes at an event, where Volkswagen Group technical head Ulrich Hackenberg told Autocar magazine that Audi will release an SQ7 equipped with electric turbocharger technology in 2016. Steve McKinley, Honeywell Technology’s vice president of engineering in North America, was quoted as saying that “we’ve been in pre-development for more than ten years, and it was a matter of waiting for that electric infrastructure to develop on the vehicles.” McKinley also predicted at least five years out before we see very mainstream adoption of electric turbo. 


Edmunds: More Carmakers Are Using Turbochargers to Deliver Better MPG

Edmunds, a leading US online auto website, is touting the benefits of turbocharging, especially for compact sedans, in an article titled “Turbocharger Technology Gives New Cars More MPG.” The article quoted Michael Stoller, Communications Director at Honeywell Transportation Systems as saying that “Today, about 17 percent of all new commercial and passenger vehicles being sold in North America are turbocharged, and the number is expected to increase to 31 percent of total sales by 2018.”


Honeywell Supplies Turbo to 2015 Ford Mustang

The Automotive News published the list of suppliers to the 2015 Ford Mustang, and Honeywell is listed as the supplier of the 2.3L gasoline turbocharger for the new model.


Integrating Turbo Manufacturing with Aftermarket Service

As turbochargers appear in more vehicle applications in an age of engine downsizing, the growth trend has implications for turbo aftermarket, a topic addressed by Bob Chabot in his article for Motor Magazine. According to Steve McKinley, vice president of Engineering for Americas at Honeywell Turbo Technologies, who was interviewed for the article, “consumers, shops and technicians can reasonably expect turbochargers to be just another easy, rather than complicated, component to diagnose and service. When installed, turbos should be worry-free when properly maintained, so that they require fewer repairs and a much narrower range of service by technicians in typical service scenarios. It’s our job to facilitate this.”


Important Chinese Publication Reports Growth in Turbocharged Passenger Vehicles

The Yangcheng Evening News recently reported that major manufacturers have been upgrading their passenger vehicles with turbochargers, double–clutch and hybrid technologies to achieve better power-efficiency. It goes on to point out that many of the new vehicles launched at the Auto Guangzhou show were equipped with turbocharged engines and dual-clutch gearboxes resulting in significant advantages in reducing emissions, increasing performance and lowering fuel consumption — a key concern for consumers.

The article quotes David Paja, Vice President and General Manager for Honeywell Transportation Systems in China and India saying: “With increasing concerns over air pollution in China, the government is setting more stringent emissions standards for vehicles and implementing higher targets for fuel economy. This growing acceptance of turbocharging has triggered a strong increase in turbo penetration in passenger vehicles, whose sales have grown by 50% this year. This is mainly because turbocharging can help improve fuel economy by up to 20%, which is a key decision-driver for consumers. Translating into ROI, this means consumers can get their money back from gas savings within two to three years.” 


The long-established Yangcheng Evening News remains one of the most popular in the Guangzhou–Pearl River Delta area that it serves, and its influence extends nationally. It covers a wide range of areas including business and financial news, lifestyle and health. It is a daily publication with a circulation of 1,790,000.


Wall Street Journal: “70 Percent Of Americans Have Not Yet Driven A Diesel Vehicle, Honeywell Turbo Survey Shows”

The Wall Street Journal features an article about the recent survey conducted by Honeywell Turbo Technologies which reveals 70 percent of Americans, and 73 percent of Millennials (those under the age of 35), have never driven a diesel-powered vehicle, yet 56 percent recognize that running diesel fuel is more fuel efficient than using gasoline. The article quotes Honeywell Transportation Systems President and CEO Terrence Hahn who points out “turbocharged diesel engines have an opportunity to make an impact with today’s younger car buyers who understand and even prioritize the fuel economy advantages of the technology, but have not yet been able to drive one.”